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Team Tuttle Realty brings 13+ years of experience in the world of buying and selling homes. Our agents also have a financial banking background to help you better understand the process of home ownership. Team Tuttle will help you land the best deal on the home of your dreams, as well as fight for every resale dollar. Contact us today to get started!

Jodi Tuttle, Realtor
License: 204019

"Jodi inspires, motivates, and excels at sales, negotiating, and marketing."

Having top-notch techniques and people skills I strive to stand out from all the noise and reach everyone from the millennials to the Generation Z consumers.

My love for real estate began many years ago when I became a first-time home buyer.  I knew with all the excitement, the many questions I had, and of course the love you have in your eyes when you finally find a place you can call home, comes to be yours.  It was at that moment I wanted that all the time.  

After extensively working as a Realtor assisting buyers and sellers back in Canada, I got married and extended my career to Oklahoma City.  I have a client-first mentality, I put my expertise, tenacity, and love for negotiating at the forefront for all my clients....always with the end goal of making their real estate dreams a reality.   

Coming from a banking background, I worked closely with realtors, and along with being a first-time home buyer myself, I understand the questions related to the process.  Which I why I love what I do by helping others.  

Currently living in Edmond, OK I appreciate the local shops, the many golf courses, and of course, the dining experience has never disappointed me.  Some of the best days have been spent exploring Oklahoma City, sharing laughs, and making memories with those you love.

I have a very diverse background from working in the real estate market, working as a restaurant manager, to managing account portfolios/mortgages at one of the 5 major banks in Canada. Did I mention I was a previous Flight Attendant? I love learning and exploring my options.

Luckily, I'm obsessed with staying organized and making everyone's life easier. I always do anything I can to be there to enhance that and work is no different.

There are many things that can grow one's business, having trust and dependability, you build those relationships. I pride myself on being dedicated to both.

When I'm not at work, you can find me in the kitchen. I also love to garden. Growing your own fruits and veggies, knowing all the time and effort you put it, is quite rewarding. When not gardening I will be meal prepping for the next few days to have meals, measured and ready to go! My other hobby is training in the gym. Being a former bikini competitor, I have the same dedication I do for my clients and the work that I have for prepping for a bodybuilding show. Knowing that I gave it 100% in all I do, is a win-win. 

My specialties include quickly learning new skills, problem-solving, negotiating, key marketing strategies, effective listening, and understanding of one's needs and wants. Well-versed in social media and ever-changing marketing tools.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need any emotional support, home buyer/seller questions, or advice on diet and exercise. Together we can get it done! -JT

Aaron Tuttle, Realtor
License: 204756

Aaron Tuttle: Your Weather and Real Estate Partner
Hey my friends. Many of you know me as your favorite meteorologist Aaron Tuttle, but did you know that I’m also your real estate guide? Just as I keep you safe during storms with honesty, transparency, and calmness, I'm here to navigate the real estate journey with you in the same way, whether you're buying or selling.
My primary focus has always been ensuring the safety of our community while earning your trust over the past 22 years. As I help you stay informed about impending storms, I bring that same level of care, diligence, and utmost attention to detail to your real estate transaction. My commitment to you is based on an approach rooted in transparency so that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. I want you to feel confident in the complex world of real estate.
In our technological world, visibility is crucial, whether it's about staying informed on weather conditions or getting maximum exposure for your home sale. I understand this dynamic and will leverage my expansive reach to ensure that your home receives the attention it deserves. My connections and community involvement uniquely position your home sale to go viral, reaching tens of thousands of potential buyers.
When it comes to your safety and most significant investments, trust matters, and I genuinely care about your well-being and success. Let my personal touch keep you informed, safe, and supported with peace of mind. Reach out to me anytime and experience the difference we can make together. -AT

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